The Brain Innovation Project. Innovation and Creativity Coaching Berlin
The Brain Innovation Project. Innovation and Creativity Coaching Berlin



Coaching is focused on change leaders and innovators. But it is really for anyone who wants to transform their effectiveness in a changing world by unlocking a new sense of agency, impact and the ability to make a difference.

The Brain Innovation Project. Innovation Coaching Berlin.


Personally and professionally, individually and collectively, we all tell ourselves stories about who we are, the trade-offs we make, the choices we face, our limitations and our capabilities.

But these narratives are ALWAYS highly selective and much more malleable than we realise. When we change the story, we change our way of seeing things. And when we change the way we see things, we open up a whole new range of possibilities for action.

As well as innovation coaching for impact and effectiveness, we also offer innovation coaching for those seeking to gain insights into specific challenges or develop new ways of thinking in areas of science, technology, design and coding. Here, the focus is on very specific, tangible insights and outcomes.

Coaching is suitable for both individuals and teams. Ideally, it is combined with participation in courses or workshops, as then some of the underlying approaches can be explored, making the individual sessions more effective.

Three sessions is generally a minimum to bring about sustainable changes. Sessions can be online or in-person.

(And by the way: coaching sessions are also surprising, fun and enjoyable!)


MoreAgency - Clarity - Motivation - Creativity - Focus - Insight

Of course, you will gain actionable insights into the specific issues that you want to work on. But coaching goes beyond this and introduces practical and effective tools and techniques to change the way you think. These are transferable to any situation, as we use the same brain whatever we are doing.

By understanding and leveraging the underlying processes, you can move beyond a more narrow problem solving approach towards focusing on what you are after, not just what you want to get rid of. These ‘tools for life’ are where the real sustainable change happens. 


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